There´s two kind of crazy. This is the good one.
In 16 December a huge Storm hit the coast of Portugal !
Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau and Friends went at Nazaré to try to surf some of the biggest waves seen in recent years, a tuff call, with challenging conditions. Though the peak of the swell was unsurfable they did manage to snag a few early the next morning.
the result was this…
surfers: Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Trevor Carlson, Ale Marcianò, Marcelo Luna, Alex Botelho, Andrey Karr, Andrei Ovchinnikov, Zack Haynes

Filmed and Edit by: Jorge Leal
Music: Trevor Jones – Promontory / Tony Anderson – Journey
Produced by: Andrew Cotton & Polvo Concepts
Directed by some kind of: “Jesus”